DMC Library Documentation

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All of the following modules can be found on GitHub:

DMC Corona Library

The DMC Corona Library is a collection of classes and utilities created for app development using the Corona SDK. Each module has been split into its own repo, however, they are all available through the DMC Corona Library.

DMC Corona UI

The DMC Corona UI is a collection of advanced widgets for the Corona SDK. They are robust, efficient and can be Styled/Themed.

DMC Lua Library

The DMC Lua Library is a collection of classes and utilities that I have created while developing apps using Corona SDK.

In Progress

A place for new ideas.

Lua Corovel

Lua Corovel is an event-loop programming environment for Lua that mimics the environment for Corona SDK.

Metalsmith Plugins

My Metalsmith plugins, mostly to support this site.


A place for orphaned or deprecated pages and projects.