DMC Corona Library

The DMC Corona Library is a collection of classes and utilities created for app development using the Corona SDK. Each module has been split into its own repo, however, they are all available through the DMC Corona Library.


DMC Corona Library API

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Library Modules


dmc-autostore is a Lua module which makes saving JSON-style application and game data painlessly easy because it uses NO API !.


dmc-bytearray implements the Byte Array object and is especially useful when dealing with streams of data, like when working with network protocols.

DMC Corona Setup and Installation

How to get the most out of your DMC Installation.


dmc_dragdrop is a module which coordinates and simplifies drag and drop operations in an application.


lua-e4x is a Lua implementation of E4X (ECMAScript for XML) which is a extremely easy way to navigate XML documents. lua-e4x is modeled after the E4X implementation from Adobe.


dmc-error is a module which handles raising and capturing custom errors via try/catch/finally syntax. It is somewhat modeled after the Python implementation.


dmc-events-mixin is a module which adds event functionality to any object, eg addEventListener(), removeEventListener(), displatchEvent().


dmc_facebook is a Lua module which makes interfacing with Facebook easy. This module was written because the Facebook plugin provided by Corona Labs was missing some key functionality needed by a client of mine.


dmc-files is a module for reading and writing files including configuration files.


dmc-gestures is a module for creating Gesture Recognizers which will watch for gestures performed on an object. The module is modeled after iOS Gesture Recognizers.


dmc-kolor is a Lua module which brings back the traditional ways of describing colors using RGB values ( eg, 255, 180, 34 ) instead of the new way using percentage values (eg, 1, .5, .25 ).

It also gives you more functionality including the ability to use names when setting object colors like "Aqua" or "Red". The module even includes color tables for all of the X11 color definitions.


dmc-kompatible is a Lua module which allows your legacy Corona Graphics 1.0 code to run in Corona Graphics 2.0 within minutes and with minor modifications.

This is intended for older, existing code. If you want some of the same features, but are starting a new project, then check out [dmc_kozy.lua].


dmc-kozy is a module for the Corona SDK which brings in old and new ways of easier coding.


dmc-lifecycle-mixin enables widget/component-style programming similar to that in Adobe Flex.


dmc-megaphone is a simple library to enable a global communication method for application components.


dmc-mockserver is a module to emulate an HTTP server API in your application, to be used during development and testing.


dmc-multitouch is a Lua module which gives you the ability to add various, enhanced touch functionality on display objects - Move, Scale, and Rotate.


DEPRECATED: dmc-navigator has been deprecated. Use dUI.newNavigation() instead.


dmc-netstream is a module which can accept streaming data over an HTTP connection.


dmc-nicenet is a module which queues network requests so that the network and server don't get overloaded.


dmc-objects is an advanced object-oriented framework for Corona SDK. It's based on lua-objects.


dmc-patch adds functionality to the base Lua environment.


dmc-performance measures application performance by measuring times between events.


dmc-promise is a module which implements the Promise / Deferred design pattern.


dmc-sockets is a non-blocking, event-based or callback-based socket library.


dmc-states-mixin is a module which enables the State Machine design pattern on objects. It can be used with or without inheritance.


dmc-touchmanager is a library which unleashes true multi-touch capabilities for your app.


dmc-trajectory is a library which moves objects in parabolic trajectory (ballistic motion).


dmc-utils is a module with a bunch of utility functions.


dmc-wamp is a module which implements the WAMP messaging protocol.


dmc-websockets is an implementation of WebSockets (RFC6455) for the Corona SDK.

Third Party Libs

Some of the borrowed libraries for DMC Corona Library.