dmc_facebook is a Lua module which makes interfacing with Facebook easy. This module was written because the Facebook plugin provided by Corona Labs was missing some key functionality needed by a client of mine.

Reasons to use dmc-facebook

Here are some of the reasons why you would use this module as opposed to the one supplied by Corona Labs:

  • It can be used in kiosk-mode

    This is perhaps the biggest win (and why my client needed this written). All current Facebook connectors assume that an app only needs a single user login — the owner of the phone or device. But what if an app runs on an iOS or Android device in a public setting, like a restaurant menu, photo sharing, etc. One of the key components of this is the ability to programmatically logout of an existing Facebook login. The Facebook connector from Corona Labs doesn't support this functionality and they don't see it as an issue.

  • It works on the Simulator

    Welcome back to quick development time since there's no need to add device-builds into your Software Development Lifecycle.

  • It's much easier to setup

    This module is much much easier to setup than the Corona Labs version. It comes with examples, too.

  • Better application flow and user experience

    This version uses its own webview, so that the flow for Facebook login and authorization will never exit your mobile app for Safari or Facebook. Being in a single app improves your user experience and gives you more control over the flow.

Please read the caveat in the dmc-facebook Documentation



This module can be freely downloaded from github.com

Simply click on the image to the right

Documentation Pages

dmc-facebook API

Details of the API for dmc-facebook

dmc-facebook Documentation

Right now there are just references which were used in creation of this module.

Getting Started - dmc-facebook

Get quickly up-and-running with dmc-facebook.