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Right now there are just references which were used in creation of this module.


Facebook Flow

Facebook Plugin threads at Corona Labs

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On Oct 2, 2013, Facebook is changing some of the rules about using their services. In short, they require native apps to bind with their own native SDKs.

Native iOS and Android apps must not use their own web views for Facebook Login

Native apps that implement Facebook Login by embedding their own web views inside their apps provide inconsistent and subpar user experiences compared to login flows provided by Facebook's official native SDKs. For example, users who are already signed in to Facebook on their devices can skip entering their Facebook credentials when logging in via our official SDKs. This results in a better user experience as well as higher conversion for apps. See our iOS and Android SDK documentation for more details.

To provide a better experience for all Facebook Login users, we are changing our policy to prohibit native iOS and Android apps from using custom web views for Facebook login.

Native iOS or Android apps initiating their own web views for Facebook login are required to use our official SDKs for login by October 2, 2013. Native iOS or Android apps using third-party SDKs that provide Facebook login via custom web views have an extension until January 8, 2014 to work with their third-party provider to resolve this or to migrate to our SDKs.

My feeling towards this is that mobile apps created with Corona SDK are not technically apps developed natively. Since there is no way for me to bind natively with their SDK using Corona SDK the use of dmc-facebook shouldn't fall under this ruling. :)