dmc-objects is an advanced object-oriented framework for Corona SDK. It's based on lua-objects.

Why dmc-objects ?

This library grew quickly out of my need to do object-oriented programming with Corona SDK and Lua. It is based on some of the great ideas found on the Internet, mostly from reading Programming in Lua and the Lua Wiki.

I was suprised to find that, even though many of these ideas had already discussed, I couldn't find anything that was put together in an easily usable, cohesive fashion. So I decided to polish the work I had done for myself to make it into a re-usable framework for others.

There are many different ways to achieve object-oriented programming in Lua. Of course, some of them are more complex and require a solid understanding of the Lua language and OOP; fortunately dmc-objects requires none of that.




There are a lot of examples, either found inside dmc-objects repository or throughout the DMC Libraries since most modules are built using dmc-objects.

Module Documentation

dmc-objects Features and Benefits

Thorough explanation of the features and benefits baked into the dmc-objects module.

dmc-objects Documentation

In depth explanation of the dmc-objects module.

Getting Started - dmc-objects

This Quick Guide will give you a brief overview object-oriented programming using dmc-objects.