Lua Corovel

Lua Corovel is an event-loop programming environment for Lua that mimics the environment for Corona SDK.

Corovel is pretty cool, with it you can:

  • Run unmodified, non-visual code from Corona SDK on a server

    Of course the code needs to be non-visual

  • Run each environment in its own thread (sweet!)

    Combined with Lua Lanes, each environment can run in its own OS thread

Global Modules

These are available objects from the Corona environment:

  • Runtime
  • timer
  • system
  • network

These shims are available for Lua modules:

  • json
  • bit

Why Corovel?

The name Corovel comes from the phrase Corona Event Loop. I created it so that some of my modules could run in a server environment (eg, dmc-websockets, dmc-sockets, dmc-wamp, etc).

Note that Corovel is NOT the Corona SDK ! Corovel does not provide any visual services, eg, sprites, game-engine, etc.


There are two types of test frameworks used – Busted and Lunatest.

Lunatest tests run inside of a running Corovel. The script is setup for those. Type the following to run:

> ./

Bested tests run outside of Corovel and test basic units. Type the following to run:

> busted

More Information

Here are additional pages of documentation:

Getting Started - Lua Corovel

A quick overview to get up-and-running with Lua Corovel