A Metalsmith plugin which Transform a directory of pages into a powerful wiki.

I wrote this plugin to replace an aging Confluence Wiki server that I had running for documentation purposes. While Confluence was one of my favorite wiki engines, it was overkill for a single-user documentation website such as this one.

Metalsmith-Wikify Features

  • Flatten a hierarchical directory structure
  • Build parent/child hierarchy for navigation and breadcrumbs
  • Access a multi-level menu system
  • Useful shortcodes like children and page
  • Custom templates for partials

Since this plugin emulates a wiki, your content must abide by the wiki-rules for page-naming: that is, no two pages can have the same name. However, it is intended that within each directory level there is a page Metalsmith-Wikify will change the name of each of those to that of the containing directory.

Read more in Getting Started - metalsmith-wikify.



All of the code for these modules can be found on GitHub.


Module Documentation

Getting Started - metalsmith-wikify

This is a short overview about the capabilities of metalsmith-super-excerpt.