UI Styles Overview

Style objects are the fundamental way to associate styling with a widget from dmc-corona-ui.


UI Style objects are comprehensive objects, designed to easily create and share style information between objects throughout an application. Some of their features are:

  • Style objects can cascade!

    Style objects were built to easily link together to create "cascading styles", which is a powerful way to create a "look" through style inheritance.

  • Styles can be named

    Named styles are saved globally and can be accessed anywhere in an app. This cuts down on the number of required locations to create styles, no longer do widgets need to be styled at every location in the app.

  • Styles can be grouped together into a theme

    Styles for all objects can be saved as a group and applied to the application as a whole. Styles can be slowly built up inside of an application or read from a file in storage.

    This allows for on-the-fly switching of themes which could enable app branding or even provide a custom user experience. Also, new themes could be easily downloaded and installed without needing to restart the app.

Style Documentation

Getting Started - UI Styles

Get up-and-running quickly with Styles.