UI Widgets Overview

Widget objects are the basic UI components from dmc-corona-ui. They wrap native OpenGL or Platform widgets.


UI Widget objects are the basic building blocks of an interface. Some of their features are:

  • Widgets are robust

    The widgets were created to fix idiosyncracies in the various UI components in Corona SDK – whether the base OpenGL items or items native to each platform. Many properties on these items can't be changed once the items are created, DMC-Corona-UI fixes that. Any property can be modified at any time.

  • Widgets are efficient

    Widgets are governed by a component lifecycle, similar to that in Adobe Flex (but not that complex). References below for more information.

  • Widgets can be styled/themed

    All visual features are encompassed in a Style object. As a matter of fact, it's impossible to use these widgets without a style, as one is always assigned to the widget, even if it's the default.

  • More mask control

    All widgets can be masked, but it's not turned on by default. There is a 3-level nested-mask limit to the Corona engine. Often widgets don't need to be masked, like when they are drawn full-screen.


Widget Documentation

Getting Started - UI Widgets

Get up-and-running quickly with Widgets.

Background Widget

Background widget is a backdrop for scenes, etc.

Text Widget

Text widget is used to display information.

TextField Widget

TextField widget is used to input information.